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Uppdaterat: 16 maj 2018


I have now included a blog on my website. That blog which you are now reading.

A little bit about what this blog will and will not cover: I won't show you what I had for dinner.

I won't write about politics nor about my training routines, or how I spend my days.

(Not that there is anything wrong with that)

I will write about things that inspire me and I will give helpful tips

in animation, film and photography, and share some of my viewpoints in life as well.

I will also show you behind the scenes of my productions to a greater extent in the future.

This blog will mainly be for people who are interested in the above areas or in expressing themselves.

So, why should you read it, or why is my opinions worth taking into account?

Well, Read it yourself and make your own decision about that. But I can tell you this - Despite the fact that I am not, nor have ever really been, a school oriented person - I have read a lot in the past 10 years about filmmaking, storytelling, animation and life, and have been into filmmaking and animation since a long time back. A lot of reading and a lot of doing results in conclusions. So this blog will be a mix och these conclusions and others conclusions and some behind the scenes footage in the future.

Take care!


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